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Collision - Travel to the Moon

How to play Collision - Travel to the Moon?

screen5_01Are you having fun playing our iPhone app Collision - Travel to the Moon? Have you managed to land on the Moon yet? It's not easy, so if you're having difficulties finding your way in the weightlessness of space, check some of our hints on here.

- When starting the app, be sure to have a look at the instructions, these will help you find your way in the interface. It tells you what all the little displays mean.

- You control your ship by tilting your iPhone. If you keep it horizontal, you are not applying any throttle. You can accellerate in a certain direction (launching off the Earth for instance) by tilting your iPhone that way.

- The overhead map in the upper left corner tells you the current positions of the Moon and the Earth with respect to each other. This is an accurate reflection of their actual positions right now!

- Be sure to keep an eye on your speedometer. If you're going to fast, you will not be able to brake in time for the Moon, causing you to crash into it, or to miss it altogether. A speed of 10 km/s (7 miles/s) is a safe speed.

- If you want to brake, you should tilt your iPhone in the direction your ship is coming from. If you do this the right way, you should see the needle of your speedometer go down. On the "easy" difficulty level, a speed below 5 km/s (3 miles/s) will make sure you don't crash into the Moon.

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- You can achieve a higher score by consuming less fuel, making your way to the Moon faster, playing on higher difficulty levels, or by achieving the "orbit bonus".

- The "orbit bonus" provides a boost to your score if you manage to make a full orbit around the Earth or the Moon (or both!) while keeping your iPhone fully horizontal (which means you're not using any boosters). If you succeed, you have mastered the art of letting gravity do the work for you! See how the yellow orbit bar in the lower right corner of your screen fills up as you follow the "orbit helper": this is the yellow comet-like blob that flies ahead as you make your way around the Earth or Moon.

- If you register your app using the code in the menu, you can log in to the website and access a wealth of statistics on all your landings. Your name will also appear in the world-wide highscore list on the right of this website. If you do not register, your score will appear as "unregistered user".

If you want to see an example of how to play Collision - Travel to the Moon, check out our video here:




What is Project Collision?

A blog on the Universe, its secrets, and our place among the stars. You can read the blog posts on new, exciting discoveries, or play the iPhone app Collision - Travel to the Moon. If you'd like to propose a blog topic, feel free to contact me using the contact form at the bottom of the screen!

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